* We will remotely install the software on a single PC or on a server for a one time cost of $795. *

* Software training and support included for the first three months. *

* You can set up schedules for multiple locations and multiple providers/staff members. *

* Time slots can be as little as 5 minutes or any multiple of 5 minutes. *

* In addition, you can assign a patient to a room. *

* Over booking at any time slot is permissible. *

* Mark patient arrival and done time in the appointments. *

* Build your own reasons and assigned times for any appointments. *

* When making an appointment at a time slot, software automatically checks, based on the reason for the appointment and its required time, if that much time is available till the next appointment. *

* Make appointments for registered or new patients, or for a non-patient. *

* Set up office close days as well as the times when providers are not scheduled or available. *

* View appointments for all locations and all providers on one screen or by each location and provider. *

* Correct, delete, move, copy or repeat any appointment. *

* Search for the patient's next appointment or for any open time slots at any location or by provider for any period and for any appointment reason. *

* Print appointments for any location or provider and for any day or a period. *

* When integrated with InfoCare practice management and EHR products, you can directly look at the patient's registration, insurance. ledger, EHR from the appointment screen. *

Customizable Software Solutions

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