InfoCare EHR with Practice Management Software for Ambultory Practices

* We will remotely install the software on a single PC or on a server for a one time cost of $595. *

* Use of the software with training, support and upgrades costs $225 per month or $2700 per year per provider. There is no limit to the number of users. *

* Offers seamless integration of all functions of our InfoCare PM, MU-2014 EHR and IQScheduler and more in one software. *

* Several optional features that include the following. *

* Exchange instructions/messages between providers and staff. *

* Enter your office Urinalysis results. *

* Scan external documents and attach them to the respective patient's EHR. *

* Integrate with Word/Word Perfect. *

* Integrate with Dragon dictation software. *

* Integrate with a camera software to see images taken with a camera. *

* Fillable forms with a stylus on a Windows tablet. *

* Any other integration that you may need related to your own specific situation. *

Customizable Software Solutions

MU-2014 EHR

InfoCare PM

InfoCare EHR





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