* Cost of this software starts at $995, depending on the entities you directly submit to and the number of practices. *

* Software training, support and upgrades included for the first six months. After that support is either on a per incident basis or with an annual contract. *

* You send us your NSF file. We convert it in the 5010 format for the entity you submit to. It can be Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Shield or any clearning house. *

* You provide us with the 999 and 277 reports. We will customize the software for you so that your files are accepted in production. *

* We will email you the software and the associated files and instructions as to how to install and run the software. *

* You may choose an option to convert ANSI 835 transaction or ERA into a corresponding NSF file. *

Customizable Software Solutions

MU-2014 EHR

InfoCare PM

InfoCare EHR





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