InfoCare MU-2014 EHR Software for Ambultory Practices

* We will remotely install the software on a single PC or on a server for a one time cost of $495. *

* Use of the software with training, support and upgrades costs $130 per month or $1560 per year per provider. There is no limit to the number of users. *

* Meet all MU objectives as required in 2014. *

* Integrtaed with Emdeon Clinical Exchange EHR-Lite, 2014 certified Complete EHR software. *

* Additonal demographic information related to ethnicity, language, race and patient communication preference. *

* For every visit, check for vitals, BMI, growth charts and smoking habits. *

* Maintain family and social history. *

* Computerized provider order entry (CPOE) of problems, medications, allergies, lab and radiology orders. *

* Maintain problem list with built-in SNOMED dictionary. *

* SOAP notes with preferences and ability to search for a single word or a phrase. *

* Electronic orders and results for prescriptions, lab and radiology. *

* Drug-drug, drug-allergy checks and drug formulary. *

* Patient education resources and clinical decision support rules. *

* Patient reminders for clinical functions. *

* Clinical reconciliation and exchange of CCR, CCDA with other providers. *

* Patient portals for clinical summaries over secured exchanges. *

* Electronic submission of immunization and surveillance data. *

* 2014 required Clinical Quality Measures. *

* Prepare and see MU reports at anytime. *

* EHR online functions and integration with EMDEOM Clinician Exchange. *

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MU-2014 EHR

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